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Bluntly, blogging is one of those things that I like to avoid, as you can tell by the fact that nothing has been posted here for a very long time. I like to tell myself that it is because blogging, in my imagination, seems similar to having a tooth pulled.

However, that’s not the real reason.  The real reasons are multi-faceted.  I just do not like to write (kind of humorous for someone pursuing a PhD when you think about it).  I can find better uses for my time, or better wastes of time if you prefer.  I also really dislike social media and what it seems to have turned us into–phone junkies pursuing “likes” and “reactions”. Additionally, social media has not elevated the Yes, I know that sounds curmudgeonly, but I can’t help but observe that it is almost impossible to walk down the sidewalk without seeing people observing the world through a small screen and missing what is going on around them.

Of course, social media has its purpose, but I am convinced that it has coarsened the quality of discourse and disagreement.  We are more comfortable with “snark”, vulgar language, and hiding behind avatars. There is a temptation to view our social media engagements as if we are each a Leonidas and our online battles are always a Thermopylae.  If that metaphor fails to resonate, it is as if we have joined the lists in online jousting, and have forgotten that the sport requires a certain level of sportsmanship and grace.

That said, social media does have its uses and positives in that it can keep us connected in a way that was impossible before. Now whether that connection is beneficial and of the same quality as a personally present connection might be debated, but that is for the social scientists to discover.

So why bother with doing this blog thingy?  Primarily, it is an exercise in discipline.  Hating to write, I must write something regularly, and the storage here is excellent.  In terms of storage it is also a good place to keep passages and quotes I enjoy from my study, as well as, random thoughts that I wish to explore.  I am also interested in The Good, The Beautiful, and The True and recording observations here.  Someone also said, that professionally, it is good to do this.  Finally, maybe something contained on this site will resonate with a reader or begin a conversation like the ones in my Tobacconist’s years ago.  That would be ok.

That said, I have no interest in “likes” or “reactions” or chasing those.  I have no patience for ugly language, vulgarity, profanity, threats, “doxing”, or ad hominem attacks on anyone who might be published, or comments, here.  I make no apologies for the material published here, even when I disagree with it, and it may be controversial or “offensive”.  However, I expect anyone commenting here to act like an adult, and a certain amount of class is expected.  If we must joust, remember we should still be able to share a pint at the post-tournament feast.

In short, all are welcome here, but remember you are guests in my online home.  So, wipe your feet, feel free to light a pipe or cigar, help yourself to the decanter, but observe the house rules.